Since 1 January 2013, the city of Schleusingen has taken over the administration (administration) for the municipality of St. Kilian.

bertholdsburg_panoSchleusingen is situated at a height of 372 to 400 m above sea level on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest. In 1232 Schleusingen was mentioned for the first time as villa Slusungen. Panoramic view – click to enlarge

The Bertholdsburg, a four-towered Renaissance building with magnificent portals, is the most powerful and impressive building in the city. Until 1583 it was the seat of the counts of Henneberg. Today, it houses a natural history museum.

Market Place Schleusingen

The center of the town is the market square lined with lime trees, adorned by a market fountain, dating from 1710, with the statue of Countess Elisabeth of Henneberg. An ensemble of urban and historical value


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