the lost penny

Murals – The lost penny

derverlorenepfennigA small mural , left before going up to the upper floor from the town hall , the staircase , shows the ” Alter Krug ” , one of the still preserved towers of the medieval walls . It reminds both at the time of coinage in Schleusingen because diagonally opposite is today , which was built in 1555 building of the old coin .

The Counts of Henneberg had held the mine law and thus the right to mint coins since the 13th century . The street still bears the name Münzgasse , even if later the post office and after living and warehouse was from the old coin . To the left of the ” Alten Krug ” is a small gate in the city walls . This was once the mint with the Saigerhütte that – as Christian Juncker reported – near the Hunter home lay . It was this is a Washing and smelting plant , in which the Metal from which the coins subseßend were minted , washed and
” Of all the lower and unclean parts purified ” . The Kupferhammer and Saigerhütte of Schleusingen were first mentioned in documents in 1461 , in 1529 the establishment has been transformed into a melting and hammer , but that the Thirty Years War came to a complete standstill .

From this communication path through the city walls to Saigerhütte reported i.a. also Christian Voigt in his manuscript ” Tell the city Schleusingen .”
1899 a connection was created between Münzgasse and King Street . When building a pot was with old coins found . Unfortunately, this has been lost , like so many other valuable pieces from the museum .