Glass & skill

Murals – glass and dexterity Schlusinger luck

Now to display on the stairway :
The economic basis Schleusingen , originally many mills , hammer mills , iron and copper hammers etc. and later factories and plants , originated outside the city , at the foot of the castle and its surroundings .
Glass and skill , that was it , after which sat for further economic development . As already mentioned , many people found work in this area . And skill needed the workers in the old glassworks operation . Aside from the heavy physical labor , the old furnaces with their cooling and timber kiln had a special charm . Before the bright heat of fire the workers were busy , so to speak freehand with whistle and scissors , they exhibited their products even without shapes ago .


Glashütte products and products of glass instrument factory found since the beginning of the century due to good quality and cheaper prices their sales not only in Germany . Its customers included even Austria , England and America .
After 1945, the demand was great and part of the production was exported . Middle of this century were consequently in the sparsely industrialized Schleusingen particularly high hopes associated with de development this branch of industry , which has a solid tradition in our city .