Glass – and stockings

Murals – Glass and stocking factory


schweissSchleusingen , the former residence of the Counts of Henneberg , had developed to their extinction to officials and university town . Crafts , trade and agriculture existed synonymous adjacent. And so was the establishment of the glassworks Friedrichswerk by the glass manufacturer Heinz Adam in 1853 is of great importance for further economic development of the city . Even today, this operation – Thüringer Behälterglas GmbH – an indispensable part of the economy of our city .
The Glashütte time in 1869 was followed by a glass instrument factory . Here thermometers, barometers and equipment for chemical, physical and surgical purposes for example, were produced . In the glassworks hand bottles , pressing and hollow glasses and bottles were among others produced. Many people of our city found in the glass industry work . In 1949 , as the wall paintings created at the town hall , was the glass factory is the largest employer in Schleusingen .

strumpffabrikIn addition to the glass industry offered especially for women and girls , the stocking factory in Suhl street work . On January 1, 1955 from the former fungus Trumpf factory VEB Elektromotorenwerk Suhl , branch operation Schleusingen . Known in the parlance as IKA . In 1954 , the operation at least 170 employees , at later times on 900th