without effort…

Murals- without trouble no price

Economic development Schleusingen was marked up about the middle of this century out through a close connection between agriculture and industrial occupations. Schleusingen is often in the past as
Farming town called.
It was customary at the time
the emergence of the mural
at City Hall in 1949, that many
People, whether artisans ohnemuehe,ohnemuehe
Employees or workers,
way each year
their own field to
family care
ordered and meadows for
Feedingstuffs for the
Animals used. At harvest time
helped not infrequently friends
and acquaintances. The profession and
agricultural activity
that was a lot of effort
connected, because the
Schleusinger region was
not particularly
agricultural use
suitable. is in this context
recalls the Wiesenbauschule,
which was founded in 1897 in Schleusingen.
Here Wies Baumeister and Meliorationstechniker were formed, and it was this school affiliated agricultural department, whose task was to promote Schleusinger agriculture. Perhaps some readers remember a historic market view of Schleusingen. Until the 9th century, there were two fountains and a Weeth, which was intended to water the animals. Even the citizens of the Upper Town talked then animals and pitched hay and straw in barns behind their houses