Sweden king

Of Swedish King entered the city


The large mural in Foyerdes City Hall shows a scene from the time of the 30 Years War (1618-1648) at the Nahe Bridge , underneath the castle Bertholdsburg . Gustav Adolf , the King of Sweden , was staying in 1631 in Schleusingen . He negotiated the Bertholdsburg with an envoy of Wallenstein , Jaroslaw Sesina Raschin .
The city Schleusingen received from the Swedish king a letter of protection , said that the troops under his command had to spare the city from looting , arson , etc. .
The city Schleusingen received from the Swedish king a letter of protection, said that the troops under his command the city of looting, arson, etc. to spare hatten.Das original of this letter is in the collection existence of prehistoric and local history section of the museum in the Bertholdsburg. Nevertheless, the population Schleusingen had a rivalry struggle for political power claims under religious guise, through constant troop passages, billeting, famines and epidemics suffered greatly during the 30 Years War.
Citizens had to pay for lodging expenses of the troops and their meals again. Assaults, looting and price increases led to the impoverishment of the population. The display in the Town Hall shows the collection of Gustav Adolf on the Nahe Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in the city. Schleusingen had only two entrances leading into the city, namely on the upper or the Untertor in this period.
From an old military and trade route , known as the ” High Road ” , was reached in the time from the heights to Gottfriedsberg on the ” High Stieg ” by Schleusetal for ” White Mountain ” and from then on the Near Bridge to Untertor , The course of the old castle road is identical to the former entrance to the city .