testimony before capacity

testimony before capacity

Which papers and documents you submit when registering your marriage abroad, determine the rules of each country. Details are available in the embassies and consulates, which can be accessed via the Internet. Birth, marriage or death certificates you should always exhibit on a multilingual form.

In addition to the documents you should seek to issue a certificate of no impediment, even if it is not imposed by the State in which you want to marry. The certificate of no impediment to certify that your marriage under German law precludes no obstacle. The certificate of no impediment is issued on a multilingual form, so it is to be used mostly without translation.

You apply for the certificate of no impediment at the registrar in whose district you reside. Are you both German, the registrar will generally exhibit only a common Ehefähigkeitszeugnis for you.

Whether the State where you want to be married, demands that your Ehefähigkeitszeugnis must also be certified by a German authority or one of its missions abroad and its authenticity has to be certified by an equivalent formality, should the competent authorities abroad or the local German mission check.


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