dog license fee

The tax liability begins on the first day of the year following the start of keeping the calendar month, at the expiry of the calendar month in which the dog is three months old. the dog ownership begins already on the 1st day of a calendar month, so the tax liability commences with that day. Who holds a three-month-old dog in the commune, has this view of the city in writing within one month after the start of the holding or after the dog has reached the age controllable. After registration, the tax is set by the municipal tax bill through. At the same time the dog owner receives a tax stamp, which remains the property of the city. The tax stamp must be affixed clearly visible on the dog’s collar.

The end of dog ownership z. B. by relocation, sale or death, the city is also in writing within one month. If the dog is sold, the name and address of de purchaser must be stated. The tax liability expires at the end of the calendar month in which the dog ownership is terminated.

At the request of a tax exemption for certain dogs (z. B. Blind and service dogs) or tax relief (z. B. kennel dogs) may be granted.

Fees / costs:
50.00 EUR for the first dog
EUR 75.00 For every additional dog
3.00 EUR for the dog license brand with registration
3.00 EUR for a replacement dog tax stamp

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