map for income tax

Please show your identity card or passport with the application. Are you suffered recently, inform yourself at the registration office whether any is responsible for issuing the tax card or the authority of your previous residence.

when you are income tax-related changes in the personal circumstances occurred (eg., by marriage, birth of a child or change of religion), you can make the change your tax card at the registration office. In addition to your income tax card (possibly also those of your spouse), please also bring proof of the occurred change with (z. B. marriage certificate, your child’s birth certificate, certificate of the church).

Fees / costs:
Spare map for income tax 3, – EUR, otherwise free of charge

Personally, in writing or by phone, replacement tax cards in person only

Application for a replacement tax card

Identity card / passport, tax cards, proof of change

Contact person /:
registration office
Misses Funk
phone: 036841/34733
fax: 036841/34743