identity card

Personal appearance with old identity card or passport and birth or marriage certificate.
For application no form is required. Bring a photograph (black and white or color) of recent times in the size of min. 45 x 35 mm in the vertical format with. (Information Bundesdruckerei)
The validity period is 10 years. For those who do not yet completed when the application reaches 24 years, the validity period is 6 years. An extension is not possible.
Since the identity card is produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei in Berlin, the identification document can be no earlier than 4 weeks after the request handed. The distribution can also be done to a person authorized in writing by you; a sending by post is not permitted.

Should you immediately need a valid identity document, you will receive a provisional identity card with a validity of 3 months.

In addition, 1 additional photograph is required. The application is possible exclusively in conjunction with the application for an identity card.

Info page: -New identity card

Fees / costs:

– 28.80 EUR (for 10 years)
– 22.80 EUR (for 6 years)

Provisional identity card
– € 10.00 EUR

The fees are payable upon application.

Current biometric photo (45 mm x 35 mm in the vertical format with light background), proof of your identity (eg. As old card, birth certificate)

The application must be submitted at the registration office in person.

Contact person /:
Reporting Office:
Misses Funk
phone: 036841/34733
fax: 036841/34743