For your application for a passport, you must come in person to the Passport Office. Applicants who have completed 24 years of age, the passport for the duration shall be issued by 10 years. For younger applicants, the validity of the passport is 6 years. A preliminary pass for 1 year old can be issued in an emergency.

The passport is produced by Bundesdruckerei and can not be extended. The processing time is approximately 4 weeks. In the weeks of daylight saving time, you must expect delays.

Cost / Fees:
59.00 EUR for exhibition to persons who have completed 24 years of age
37.50 EUR for persons who are not yet 24 years old
26.00 EUR for a temporary passport
The fees must be paid with the application.


Current photograph (45 mm x 35 mm vertically, biometrics fit), proof of your identity (eg. As old card, birth certificate)

Contact person /:
registration office
Misses Funk
phone: 036841/34733
fax: 036841/34743