Moving Guide

Relocation Guide for new tenants or apartment exchange, Deregistration or reregistration


Registration office, Mrs Stock, Tel .: 036841/34733, Fax: 036841/34743, Email:
bring documents:
Identity card, passport or child’s passport

Arrival, cancellation and transfer

Gas, electricity, water draw:
Please enter the relevant provider through changes.
Electricity and gas: TEAG, water: zWhat

Registration takes place in the daycare Schleusingen, Garden Road 19, Tel .: 036841/47479

Please register your child / children at the old school now and the same for the new school again.

Motor vehicles:
Office of road transport and Economic Development / Administration
Wiesenstrasse 18, D-98646 Hildburghausen, Tel .: 03685 / 445-285, Fax: 03685 / 445-501, Email: space: 0.66

Post and Broadcasting

provide forwarding request, lettering mailbox

Moving service Deutsche Post

telephone connection
We can assist with the new connection / relocation:
click spot, Klosterstr. 25, 036841-54030.

Login or fault message by calling 036841-53541

Cancellations in writing to:
Media-Service Schleusingen
Bahnhofstr. 24
98553 Schleusingen
Tel .: 036841-53541 Fax: -53543
Office Bahnhofstr.24
open Mon-Fr. 15-18

Radio and television fees
Change forms can be obtained at banks and savings banks.
You can make changes directly on the GEZ website.


Other possible communications
health insurance
Social service providers and Pension Office
Insurance companies, banks, savings banks, building societies
Clubs, newspaper publishers