change of residence

In a change of residence, you are obliged to register at the registration office within a week for the new apartment. With the registration form you should submit the deregistration of previously registration authority responsible for the previous apartment. If the former residence maintained as their main residence or secondary residence, no deregistration is required. Members of the same family should jointly use a registration form if they have previously lived together and are now moved into the same apartment. For more than five people, another registration form must be completed.

Upon request, you have to give the registration authority with the necessary information to provide the necessary information to prove the documents (eg. As identity card) and to appear in person at the registration office.

Identity card / passport, deregistration

Fees / Costs
€ 65 on application

Documents in Exchange:
1 photo, identity card / passport, previous license


Contact person /:
registration office
Mrs. Funk
phone: 036841/34733
fax: 036841/34743