The Künstlerhof Schleusingen

The Künstlerhof ” Roter Ochse ” in Schleusingen / Thuringia was inaugurated on 3 May 2002 and is a foundation with the task of art , culture and science to promote , in particular by providing grants to young artists as well as academics .


On the one hand a varied expression of artistic activities attract people awaken , on the other hand also as large a group of young artists and scientists to address . The areas that are promoted , can be found in the different dimensions : in space , time and space and should therefore radiate in music, literature , fine arts, performing arts and new media .

The Künstlerhof consists of a restored , using adapted and under single listed building from 1608 and a new building. He has 2 spacious studios , a ” larger ” hall with an organ and a smaller meeting room . The latter can also be used for concerts, exhibitions , conferences and seminars . An amphitheater in the courtyard completes the complex .


Trustees and Board attach great importance that the fellows communicate during the duration of their stay with citizens Schleusingen and the public in general about the issues , the nature of their work and the applied techniques .
Hence develop fruitful interdisciplinary discussions not only between the young artists but also with the public, are set up by the Fellows work at the end of their stay in the city representedness .

Endeavor of artists Court is not only artists in the region to offer a working environment , but also on regional and international cooperation and thus to promote understanding .

Events such as piano and organ concerts , theater performances in open air amphitheater are an integral and popular part of the Künstlerhof program .



Stiftung “Künstlerhof Roter Ochse”
Elisabethstr. 8-10
98553 Schleusingen

phone: (036841) 53250
E-Mail: kuenstlerhof@schleusingen.de
Internet: www.roter-ochse-schleusingen.de