The origin Schleusingen

A wealthy Count hunted in the forests of this area long before the city was slusianoch slusiaavailable, and pursued relentlessly a white deer, without being able to hunt this yet. In the night came, and the Count, who had come completely lost from his companions, the rest on bare earth of the forest floor had to look.

He had already laid down at the foot of a rocky mountain when he saw an unusual shine and a rocky grotto saw, in what was a crystalline pool; three silver resources poured into it, and on the clear waves rocked a lovely water fairy, wearing a glittering band around her forehead, on the mark S.L.U.S. to read were. This Fei rose a sweet and enchanting vocals, and when she finished, she waved the Count towards him and trusted him, that that deer that he pursued, her daughter had to have transformed an evil wizard, the top and in a massive fixed tower live.

This wizard she would sing to sleep, and the count should overpower and kill him. This would succeed by the words that adorn her headband, which mean: They (ie the daughter of Wasserfee) Love And Win!

It all happened really, as the magician was killed, the Count had the deer three times with the flood of Krystallborns wet, the three sources of the three United Mine Water: lock, alder and Allies meant whereupon the deer turned into a gorgeous lady. This is wed the Earl and called himself and his family from the Brunstedt, founded Castle and city Schleusingen that names of the four mysterious letters S.L.U.S. formed and what the siren retained the emblem in its coat of arms.

The water fairy is still in Schlossbrunnen, the clearest and the city’s best, live. The dynasty of Brunstedt degenerated but and to be sold by the Counts of Henneberg.