The Chronology

1232First mention of Villa Slusungen
 Construction of Bertholdsburg by Count Poppo VII , about 1226-1232
12741274 Teilungsvertrag the Henneberger Count . Schleusingen is permanent residence of Schleusinger line
1353The great fire of the city ; after application of the moat
1412Schleusingen receives city status
1502Foundation of Barfüßerklosters by Count William IV

The city receives market rights

1544Introduction of the Reformation by John Forster
1566The Ägidienkapelle of St. John’s Church is the burial place
Henneberger Count
1577Deed of Schleusinger Gymnasium
1583Death of Count Georg Ernst ; Schleusingen hits the Ernestine and Albertine under joint management
1634Marshal of Herrengosserstädt save the city from total destruction by the Croatians
1660Saxon division agreement ; Schleusingen to Saxony – Naumburg – Zeitz
1679The large fire on the south side of the market
1718 Schleusingen falls after the eradication of the line Saxony – Naumburg – Zeitz to Electoral Saxony ( Dresden )
1725 Large reconstruction of the St. John’s Church ; City Church is born in the Baroque style
1765 Fire on the south side of the market
1773 Fire on the north side of the market
1815 Schleusingen to Prussia
1816 Schleusingen is county town ( until 1946 )
1817Construction of the art roads to Suhl , Hildburghausen , Castle Road , King Street , Kloster Veßra , Ilmenau
1830Prussian city order ; Union of Upper and Lower Town
1846 – 1847severe famine years
1848Bourgeois Revolution – large popular assembly and riots on the market
1849 Road to Eisfeld
1870 – 1874High School – New
1876The big fire in Bertholdstraße , Walch Street and Convent Road
1888Opening of the railroad Themar – Schleusingen
1891Foundation of Wilhelm – Augusta – pin
1893Inauguration of the City Hospital ( Stockelmann – Foundation )
1897Establishing the Wiesenbauschule , later School of Engineering of Water Resources
1904Opening of the railway line Ilmenau – Schleusingen
1911Opening of the railroad Suhl – Schleusingen
1929Relocation of the district office to Suhl
1934Opening the Dr. Franke Exhibition in Bertholdsburg
1945Occupation by American and later Soviet troops
1945 Inclusion of the circle Schleusingen in the Land of Thuringia , formerly Prussia
1946The circle Schleusingen is renamed in district Suhl
1950 – 1952The city is for 2 years for Hildburghausen
1951Resolution of the district court Schleusingen
1952Schleusingen returns to the district Suhl
1953Opening of the Museum of National History in Berholdsburg
1956Technical school of Water Resources (ehem. Wiesenbauschule ) is moved to Magdeburg
1982750th birthday Schleusingen
1984Opening of the recreation center ” lake Ratscher “
19901973 forbade Abi – baptism is held annually again
1994The city is reintegrated into the circle Hildburghausen