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Natural History Museum Schloss Burg Berthold Schleusingen


Three major exhibitions open to nearly 2,000 m2 to the east, north and west wing of Schloss Burg Berthold .


Minerals – fascination in form and color
Among the minerals shown 1,000 diamonds , agates and quartz crystals are like gold, copper, iron ore and rock salt represented . Of course, the famous Schneekopf balls can be admired from the Thuringian Forest .

300 million years Thuringia

Thüringer landscapes are presented by their geological origins to our days . Lakes , river landscapes , forests and bogs already existed for millions of years , but what has changed since then ?
Landschaftsdiarahmen with lifelike reconstructed animals and plants give an idea of past worlds . But the fossils as evidence of the earth’s Thuringia evidence of tree ferns , dinosaurs , giant horsetails and freshwater sharks . The 5-6 meter skeletons Südthüringer dinosaurs are a highlight of the exhibition .
The presentation from today’s Thuringian landscapes appeals to all senses . see the forest , water and meadows , smell, hear and touch . Live fish and Urkrebse can be observed in several aquariums .

Castle and Regional History

In residence of the Counts of Henneberg naturally the story of the count bad and the castle played an important role . Crafts and way of life in a hen Bergisch Town are the example illustrates Schleusingen . Other topics include papermaking , letterpress printing , minting and apothecary . A vaulted room with armor and Biedenhändern shows large format secco murals of Hercules Sage ( 1600) .

Exhibitions and lookout tower complete the offer.


Natural History Museum Schloss Burg Berthold Schleusingen
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