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The district Fischbach lies northwest of Schleusingen and currently has 143 inhabitants .

03/01/1970 – Incorporation of Fischbach in the city Schleusingen

The village emerged in the 15th century from two glassworks , but had a short life due to the shortage of wood . The wood was necessary for the operation of the furnaces .



The hiking club was founded in February 1996, “Four Seasons ” is definitely the village life . 1999 was built by the city a new club house , which is run by the association .

The highlight is the annual village festival . The beautiful landscape around Fischbach invites walkers , hikers and mountain bikers to relax. In Hirschgehege Waldemar Kühner Dammwild has evolved over several years . Fischbach is an agricultural center and has a sheep operation .




district mayor

Petra Klett

Am Burkhardtsgrund 2