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The district Geisen Höhn is located south of Schleusingen and currently has 101 inhabitants .

04/01/1974 – Incorporation of Geisen Hohn in the city Schleusingen


Geisenhöhn has 874 first mentioned. In 1999 Geisen Hoehn was 1125 years old and celebrated the anniversary at the village festival in August .
Geisen Höhn is an agricultural center with about 100 ha of agricultural land and 200 hectares of forest and is located about 2 km south of Schleusingen the so-called fountain base . Currently, three farmers sideline and five agricultural micro enterprises registered in Geisen Hohn . This causes the appearance of the place is decisively influenced .


The old school Geisen Hoehn was built in 1893 and now serves as the clubhouse of the village , called ” Lock view ” . In the renovation of the roof and the bell tower of the former school , the tower was opened ball . It is operated by the fire brigade e . V. Geisen Hoehn and is the most important building for the social life in the village . The building was operated until 1990 as a restaurant ” lock views ” .

The fire brigade was founded 1996th He is holding a historic hand sprayer from 1875. The association is an annual summer festival in the village with great success by .

The Bayern Munich fan club ” lock view ” was founded 1999th


maikelschaetzlerthe district mayor:
Maikel Schätzler
Dorfstraße 9