Luftaufnahme von Gethles
Aerial View

Gethles located west of Schleusingen and currently has about 400 inhabitants . It is the largest district .

22.02.1994 – Incorporation of Gethles in the city Schleusingen


In Gethles there are four teams , make the village life :
Siedlerverein , Women’s Association , fire brigade , Fairground Association . Traditionally, the annual Trachtenkermes is carried out in September . By Siedlerverein is the Siedlerheim ” Am Weinberg ” farmed. As an old custom drive the ” conquer Dumplings ” – embedded in straw teenagers – each year on December 23 to mischief . This will drive away evil spirits of winter nights .


The almost 500 meter high Kuhberg is the local mountain of Gethles , nestled in an idyllic hilly landscape . Since 1990, approximately 30 single-family homes were built in Gethles . Behind the club house is an old cider factory , which is functional. The Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Gethles manages the 130 ha municipal and private forests .

In the village lives the forester Jens Eberhardt .


Trade and crafts  :
  • chainsaws Frühauf
  • painter Menzel
  • damm wild breed Eckardt
  • pig farm Hartung

Ortsteilbürgermeister Werner Neumannthe district mayor:
Werner Neumann
Rössewiese 54