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Aerial View

Gottfriedsberg farthest south of Schleusingen and currently has 122 inhabitants .

04/01/1974 – Incorporation of Gottfriedsberg in the city Schleusingen


Gottfriedsberg located 514 m above sea level and is the highest hamlet of Schleusingen .

For the first time the village was mentioned in documents in 1131 . The development of the settlement activity has been favored by many connecting paths .



The total area of 241 ha Gottfriedsberg is . The place is dominated by agriculture . Since 2002 there is a hair salon located.

The village life is determined by the cultural and sports club Cactus eV . The association was founded in 1995 in Gottfriedsberg . The annual village festival in summer is organized by the Cultural and Sports Club Cactus and celebrated in a barn .



Ortsteilbürgermeister Heiko Weigmannthe district mayor:

Heiko Weigmann
Am Brunnengrund 11