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Rappelsdorf located on the southwest of Schleusingen and currently has 330 inhabitants and is the second largest district .

01.06.1996 – Incorporation of Rappelsdorf in the city Schleusingen.

Since 2003, the fair is organized by the fair society Rappelsdorf and Rapp Elsdorfer leisure club e . V. in September.

The former old school Rappelsdorf , newly built in 1895 and was last used by the local government , has been thoroughly renovated way in 2003 and is operated as a civic and club house by the Rappelsdorfer leisure club e . V.


rappelsdorf2Rappelsdorf is the LPG important agricultural site Schleusingen and location for disabled rehabilitation center . Given the special school for mentally disabled children and young people heard in the former kindergarten Rappelsdorf . The only restaurant in Rappelsdorf ” Zur Grünen Aue ” is managed since 1960 by Pfeifer family .

Currently a land consolidation process is carried out by the Land of Thuringia , with simultaneous village renewal in Rappelsdorf . The mill of Rappelsdorf is in possession of Henneberg family since 1794 ; until 1945 Rappelsdorf was supplied through the mill with electricity .

whaertelthe district mayor:
Wolfgang Härtel
Alte Dorfstraße 34