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Ratscher located at east of Schleusingen and currently has 142 inhabitants . The place is especially known for its annual end – Country Festival and due to the beautiful mountain lake Ratscher .


22.02.1994 – Incorporation of Ratscher in the city Schleusingen

The first mention of Ratscher dates back to 1318 ; in 1993, the 675 – year anniversary was celebrated .


ratscher2Emblem of the village is the old school building with the bell tower from 1828 and the old lime tree that has been planted in the year 1888th The school building was used from 1957 as a nursery school ; later it served as an office of the municipal administration . The building is now used by the fire brigade Ratscher e . V. as a club building . The village festival is conducted annually by this association .

Ratscher is dominated by agriculture ; here is a large barn system of LPG . The Children Autoland invites from April a year his little passengers on lake Ratscher a . A retail outlet supplied with agricultural commodities .

the district mayor:
Ronald Carl
Hauptstraße 35 a