paradeThe minds of the inhabitants moved early 50s especially the very colorful representation of the Mermaid “SLUs” which plays an important role in the founding legend of the city. The writer Alf Scorell took this matter so funny that he “The mermaids war Schlössing” wrote the novel. For all today is still visible: The mermaid has outlasted the armed and can be seen above the entrance to City Hall.
Inside the town hall, at the entrance and also in the staircase, to murals are the history Schleusingen. This is the representation of historical events and of things that were important for the development of the city; the paintings were in 1949. The latest mural on the 1st floor of City Hall was installed in March 1999 by a local painting company and shows the peaceful revolution Schleusinger citizens to political events of 1989/90. In the context of urban renewal, the over 460-year-old Schleusinger Town Hall was renovated in 1997-99. Here also the passage located 100 years ago was prepared to back again and made publicly available.