The little man Rucknauf

A pastoral age had gone with their wives and children into the forest to fetch firewood. There he met a strange thing …

Am Vogelherd they had made plenty of wood and the women saddled with a powerful “Take up” with this subject hurry home. He looked to the boy further and finally found some not too thin and not too thick pines, the very behagten him. “Jung, the Säg`her!” he called to the boy only a few steps away. Quick jumped the same cause with the saw. They sat on – because, at the very moment sitting close to the saw a tiny figure, so thick that it has not been possible einzusägen without doing the males harm.

Tiny was the male, dressed in a gray-green hunter dress with a feather in his hat, which was at least three times as long as the whole little guy. “Oops!” said the shepherd Old and scratched behind the ears. Then the two stared – he and the male – for a few seconds, and no one seemed quite knowing what to make of the other.

The male made no move to leave his place, but sat quite serious and motionless and tore the gray eyes wide. The boy came after a while – while goosebumps it was heruntergerieselt after another hump – the old man and motioned for him to go away. shudder him. The shepherd old but who so quickly did not want to give his lost thing, because had a good idea: “Männle, ruck continue up!” he said, as friendly as he could. Lo and behold, before he knew it right, the little man sat up, and the two were able to saw. It was the same the second time around.

The old man said: “Männle, ruck continue up!” – Hey presto! sat the little man up, and the two were able to saw. But when the shepherds Old for the third time said: “Männle, ruck continue up!” the little man fell headlong into the grass and disappeared. No one could tell how and where. The shepherds Old mouth fell for a time standing ajar.

Then he changed his mind, closed it, took his boys and the considerable burden of wood and pulled grumbling homeward.