The Saracen

On one of the Crusades of the Graf von Henneberg in the land of the Saracens met a girl who was as beautiful as he had never seen one. He loved him, and since the Saracen him was attached in love, they lived together happily ever after. They had money, jewels and servants and both could hardly imagine a more beautiful life. But they did not remain hold happiness. The Count had to return to Germany with the other knights. So they took leave of each other, but promised in that hour eternal fidelity, of which only death can solve them.

A few weeks remained the Saracen alone in her home, she was longing for her lover so strong in her that she had saddled her horse, put money and jewels to him, and on the journey went mach distant Thuringia, somewhere where the castle Count should be. They also reached right into the Werratal. But when they rode past the town Vessra she heard that all the bells were ringing. So she stopped her horse and asked a farmer who was working in his field, what have I to signify the bells. The farmer looked at the strange girl in surprise, then nodded slowly and said she would not understand, because when he looked right, she was not from this country. The Saracen but did not have to ask from, and so she learned finally that today the Graf von Henneberg celebrate his wedding.

As soon as she heard that, when their seized a violent rage. “So Holds a knight his word?” called her. “But I will take vengeance, and my revenge will be terrible.” They rode on after Vessra, rose from the monastery and asked to speak the abbess. In front of her she sank to her knees and said: “Venerable woman, if we do not have the same faith as you are but also a wife and will understand my suffering Tell me what I should do..” And she told how she had done. When she then ended and the abbess still did not answer, she added softly, “Believe me, that attracts me to kill him We Saracens stormy blood and we forgive reluctant..”

Since the abbess shook her head. “Killing would be easy, dear child,” she said, “I’ll give you different advice. Put yourself in the garb of a nun and go to the castle where the Count celebrate his wedding. Kick to him and put him a dagger at his feet. he immediately will recognize you and repentance will grab him and make his heart heavy. Because bad he is not, I know him well, he has only a slight sense and quickly forgets his own words. If you saw him again, will know what is best for you you. ” Thus the Saracen agreed. She pulled the black robe of a nun and went to the castle, the dagger firmly in her hand, because she was still not sure if they would not kill the count yet. How his eyes upon him, who as merry and bright sitting next to his bride and joked with the Knights, the love returned overpowering back into their hearts, and they do not bring himself, with a hard word or a quick fact the joy chase.

You did not even go to him , but remained standing in the doorway , and when she had looked at him long enough , she took the dagger thrust him into the door panel and hurried back to the monastery . They asked the abbess to be allowed to join the convent as a nun , and this request was immediately granted. Days after the wedding but found the Graf von Henneberg stuck the dagger of the Saracen in the door jamb . He knew immediately what had happened , and sent messengers who should seek the stranger ; but they found no one , and they remained missing .

The Graf von Henneberg but took in his coat of arms the image of the beautiful Saracen on , as a reminder of them , which he swore loyalty and he’d soon forget .