The Dead Pool

Next to Rappelsdorf between Schleusingen and Kloster Veßra, a the forecast is to unfathomable deep water-filled hole, about 400 feet long and wide against 100 shoes, strange and disreputable called the people of the whole neighborhood and the dead pool. This name comes originally from the fact that the Rapp Elsdorfer their dead, who were buried in Schleusingen and were usually worn up to this pool with funeral accompaniment accompanied. The water is extremely bright and clear, never freezes completely to, stands in underground connection with caves and crevices of the nearby mountain, especially with a fountain in the bear pit, is to be like, explored through there thrown in a little body that came to light in the pool and increases from year to year. Old people have told, had been emerged that shortly before the Thirty Years War and especially against the Croatian invasion of Schleusingen water people from the pool and seen differently.

At one time it was that from the dead pool came out a mermaid to look like a young slender maiden . Around her neck she wore a black Nüsterband to the body of a scaly bodice so seegrün like the water of the pool , with a red cloth and Breast vorgestecktem pearl bouquet . To loins slung a scarlet loincloth , but behind other dragged an ugly fish tail . On the Hudelburg or Rudersburg , a tavern not far Rappelsdorf , just a wedding dance was held . There hastily rushed the Nixlein , sat down behind the table to a fresh bachelor who long made to feel Frieder and drove many amuse themselves with him , who won it soon fond , also happily danced with him at the Linde .

They trusted him to many , including that she was his bride only too anxious , and embraced and kissed him . In the evening came up and the night , and now the Nixlein said, weeping for his Frieder : ” Now I have to divorce you and then go into that water , where I live too long have I been here stayed with you , my beloved . and since I came here against my father’s bidding , I will probably have to pay for the enjoyed here air with life . What hurt me is doing the farewell ! farewell and go there tomorrow to the pool ! Can you find them live bright and green , so I ; you can find them but pale and dead colors, so `s over with me .” She gave him a kiss , and departed . The next morning the Frieder walked hurriedly toward the little lake and found him pale and bloody. Full of love and longing Gram he jumped into the dead pool , to unite by the death of the beloved mermaid .