The Trollblume

In Schleusingen once lived a poor shepherd with his daughter in a small hut . They did not have much money , but they could just live , and she waren`s satisfied . The girl had such a fine heart that it could not see any tears , without becoming sad . It wanted to , that everyone should be happy , and where it could help , since it helped . Came an old woman of the path that had brought wood from the forest , then the girl gave him the wood home ; a child had been injured while looking berries , it was sure to find help with the girl , and when one of the peasant women wanted to go into the city , then the girl supplied as long as the family .

But at night it would sit with the Father before the hut and watched as the moon came up . One day we went into the woods to look for mushrooms for the meal . It collected diligently , and soon the basket was filled . So she sat down on a fallen log to rest a little . But what astonished when the tree suddenly whispered : “Run away , girls , if the troll finds you , you are lost ! “

The girl knelt down next to the tree . “Who is the Troll ? ” asked it . ” Oh, it’s a little eerie Gesell , only for days he hangs out around here in the woods , and he will provide to . Beware of him . “
” Is he unhappy? ” the girl asked . ” I think so , because he has often sat and moaned that one could do with heartache here . ” “Then I will help him ,” the girl said , ” I ‘ll be all done . ” And there sat down on the trunk and waited . Before long , there came the Troll . He was ugly and small, wore a long beard and sharp black eyes . When he saw the girl , he laughed , sprang forward to take it . But the girl looked the troll only because he had to let his hands fall , and he stood there without speaking and without doing anything .

He was a forest spirit who had restlessly roam the woods and never found peace . People and animals he had frightened and feared himself before every rustle . He had seen the girl from far and wanted to rob it gladly . But now , where it sat before him , vanished him of all courage and he slowly sank into the grass . “What do you have?” the girl asked . He groaned and said, “Go as fast as you can , off again I wanted to kill you, but I can not do it go , otherwise you kill me . . . ” ” I do not want to kill ,” said the girl , ” I will help you . Tell me what ‘s bothering you . “

It was long before the troll began to speak . But then he said . . “Listen , I was once a man , young, beautiful and high-spirited I was not bad, but lazy and people teased like a farmer I sawed the tiller , a shepherd I drove away the herd , a girl that bathing in the river , I stole the clothes and an old woman I killed the last chicken . She died about for sorrow . at her death I became the Troll . Since then I have done much harm , I will never do it , but must I do it . That makes me unhappy , but I do not know how to change it . ” The girl thought , it said : “I want to ask my father , he knows certainly good advice . “

And the shepherd knew what to do. He said: “The Troll should go to the people, which he has done evil, and he will help them until the damage has been repaired again then he will find his calm again..” The girl there said the Troll and did as he was told. To one he built again a stall which he had previously torn, the other he was mending the car, the third he covered the roof, and because work makes everyone happy and glad he was there also, and all said it was still become quite a good troll him. Since the girl fell ill and no one could help him.

The shepherd knew that it would have to die. All people who heard it, weeping. Even the troll cried. Sadly, he wandered through the forest. Suddenly he heard a soft voice saying:.. “In the night here a yellow flower will bloom If you bring the girls, it is healthy, but know quite well: have you brought the girl, so you have to die Lets you. they are, however, died in the morning the girl. ” The troll exclaimed. “I bring her the flower, certainly.”

At night, he plucked the flower, went to the cabin and put the girl’s flower on the chest. And behold, the girl was immediately there healthy, but the Troll disintegrated into fine ash. The girl took the ashes and scattered them out the window.

As the ash grains touched the ground, blooming all the yellow flowers, and since then people call them Trollblumen, commemorating the Troll, who gave his life for the life of a girl