On the wall of the stone bridge that leads near Veßra monastery on the lock, very near the point where it merges with the Werra, one sees “in 1612 ANNA ARNERTA” carved as a landmark and Bretzel. These characters are originated due to an event that has faded to the forecast. A young pretty girl baker from Themar, the only daughter of wealthy parents, was sent with a basket of pretzels and rolls after Veßra. Since the selection was difficult, the girl rested on the bridge wall. Perhaps the basket gravity pulled the Virgin backwards down, perhaps did so the residents receive water spirit Hackel March enough, they found their death in the flood. Only the other day she was found.

The parents were all years on her daughter unlucky rolls and pretzels distribute to schoolchildren and advised on the Veßraer Bridge as a warning to those who weighed heavily over come and in similar danger hew those signs in the wall. In the will of the parents of the unfortunate girl’s poorhouse or Seelkasse to Themar was intended for a substantial sum. The annual distribution de cakes and pretzels under the schoolchildren consisted long time. The children named the rolls Seelweckchen.

From this bridge there is still, and it has become the mocking proverb: when a girl gets a husband, so it has to scrub the Veßraer bridge and the frogs mend warm socks.