schloss_kleinThe Bertholdsburg – the most important secular building Schleusingen and its surrounding areas – is the symbol of the small southern Thuringia city of Nahe, alder and lock on the southern slopes of the Thuringian Forest .
This castle was built in 1226-1232 under Poppo VII . Von Henneberg ( 1190-1242 ) on a sandstone plateau . His grandson Berthold , Hermann and Heinrich shared the county in 1274 in the lines Henneberg – Schleusingen , Henneberg Aschach ( later Römhild ) and Henneberg Hartberg .
Since 1274 the Bertholdsburg was more than 3 centuries the seat and residence of the counts of Henneberg – Schleusinger line . To the fortress around the city Schleusingen developed .
It was named after Burg Berthold VII . (1284-1340) , the most important representatives of the Counts of Henneberg in the Middle Ages . As a political advisor to several German Emperor he determined significantly by the German Reich politics.Also known under the name ” Berthold the way ” , was awarded to him for his services to the emperor and empire of Henry VII . in 1310 the princes privilege . His elder brother of the same name was the Johanniter Prior Berthold VI . , Who founded in 1291 the Johanniter Coming to Schleusingen .
Under subsequent Henneberger rulers made over centuries of expansion and modifications to the Bertholdsburg . Even today one can the former moat , the curtain wall, drawbridge , empathize with the keep and Ziehbrunnen the former castle . Also tower dungeon , battlements , knights’ halls and loopholes in the walls recall to the present day to a once heavily fortified castle , but were expanded more and more into a Renaissance castle in the 16th century . The four-winged building with a nearly closed courtyard houses the former princely chambers in the south wing . About the Renaissance portal of the main tower , the aggregate in sandstone Henneberger crest falls on the 16th century . The black hen on green mountain in yellow field is still preserved in the town crest of Schleusingen .

The initials spell tape over the door ( the grace of God Wilhelm Graf and Mr. Henneberg ) have a construction boom William IV . ( 1495-1559 ) out .
Wilhelm , born on 29/01/1478 at Bertholdsburg , already adopted in 1495 , the Government over the county Henneberg . 1498 he founded the Sanctuary to Grimmenthal . 1502 was founded on his instigation, the Franciscan monastery in Schleusingen .