Castle Bertholdsburg to Schleusingen

Visitor attraction on the southern slopes of the Thuringian Forest

The ensemble of Bertholdsburg characterize especially its towers . From once nine only six intact today : the main or castle tower , the Hauns- , hexene , chapels , courts and Virgin Tower , named after its former function or significance in the hen Bergern. The main tower , the southeast in the courtyard served earlier than defense and watchtower and is now used as an observation tower . In more than 30 m height you have a magnificent view of Schleusingen and its scenic surroundings . At the foot of Bertholdsburg in the castle garden , a memorial stone recalls the ” 900 anniversary Henneberger Land” in 1996 ( 1096 first mention Henneberg’s ) .Schloss Bertholdsburg bei Nacht

The residence of the Counts of Henneberg and subsequent Wettinischer heirs was later living and Headquarters Saxon after 1815 Prussian official and is now the cultural center of the city Schleusingen .
As early as 1934 , the Schleusinger teacher and local friend Paul Georgi opened (1891-1976 ) in the Bertholdsburg a museum , the so-called ” Franke – room ” with a geological collection which he largely from the Schleusinger school teacher Professor Dr. Hermann Franke ( 1847- had taken over 1932) .
For over 50 years , the castle houses a local history museum . From 1971 to 1991, an exhibition of the Sonneberg Toy Museum was seen . Since 1984 is the Bertholdsburg the Natural History Museum of Southern Thuringia with 3 large exhibition areas : minerals, rocks and mining in Thuringia ; In the footsteps of our environment – 300 million years Thuringia and the Regional History in südthüringisch – Franconian area with a focus on the history of Henneberger counts and the city Schleusingen .
Also in the museum an exhibition on a topic equivalent is always shown .

The Bertholdsburg heard as architectural history monument since 1994 Thuringian Foundation of Palaces and Gardens .