Mayor’s greeting Klaus Brodführer

city Schleusingen

  • Mayor : Klaus Brodführer ( CDU )
  • Area: 3681 ha
  • Population: about 6000
  • Districts : Fischbach , Gethles , Rappelsdorf , Gottfried Berg , Geisen Hoehn , Ratscher , Heckengereuth

Schleusingen, surrounded by wooded mountains, is a medieval town, which was mentioned in documents in 1232 for the first time as “Villa Slusungen” and received 1412 municipal rights. Schleusingen is located on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest in 370-450 m height with about 6000 inhabitants. The Berthold Castle was to 1583 the seat of Henneberger counts and is the oldest residence of Thuringia. Next to the castle and the market, the historic center and the remains of the wall and the rear tower received the medieval flair of the city. The city Schleusingen has a very well-developed infrastructure with high school, primary and regular school, a new daycare center, the hospital of Henneberg clinics, Johanniter ambulance station, old people’s home “Wilhelm-Augusta-pin”, the rehabilitation center “Thuringian Forest” with its facilities for people with disabilities, sports complex with 3-field Henneberg-Gymnasium, Henneberg stadium with artificial turf, tennis courts, skateboard parks and the swimming pool. The pool was renovated in 2006 and received a stainless steel basin, which is partially heated by solar energy and a 60m waterslide.Since 2007 the city Schleusingen is also debt free . Founded in 1577 Henneberg school ” Georg Ernst ” is the third oldest university institution in Germany and celebrated 2002 his 425 anniversary. By Neuanbau it also offers plenty of room to provide different classrooms with modern teaching aids. Highlight of Schleusinger castle and town festival is every year the Abi – baptism at the market fountain from which even today the statue of the Countess Elisabeth von Henneberg watching the bustle . Built in 1553 Hall learned in the 90 years under the urban development an extensive renovation and reconstruction .After completion in 1999 it enjoys especially with its murals numerous visitors and guests. Our city has been designated in the Regional Spatial Plan Südwestthüringen as powerful basic center. In the town hall, the registration office and the registry office are located. In urban area already busy commercial areas exist. For many years form established commercial facilities, such as OBI, Aldi, Mega Furniture, Deichmann, to name only the most important, a large shopping center for the city. Facilities located in Schleusingen Company Thüringer Behälterglas GmbH, Nuclear Technology GmbH and rock stone metal surface coating are modern equipment in their fields and are now contributing not only to the modern industrialization of the city but also to the recognition of the regional economy. located for the newly emerging commercial area “Am Saddles”, directly to A73 junction Schleusingen, exists for companies willing to invest already building rights. The main transport links to Nuremberg, Erfurt and Schweinfurt via the junction Schleusingen the A73. For quick access from the center of Germany is ensured in all directions. A bypass the city center has been relieved of the heavy traffic. The supra-regional traffic flows on country roads throughout the city.The existing railway line in the direction Ilmenau and Themar is used for freight transport and occasional tourist purposes . Furthermore Schleusingen offers with its numerous clubs , the lake Ratscher and the youth and leisure center ” Wiesenbauschule ” a rich cultural and leisure activities. The hotels , inns and cottages are popular lodging options for tourists visiting the city , which have to offer a rich culinary offer in the Bertholdsburg and beautiful hiking tours through the varied gastronomy after their visit the Natural History Museum .

Klaus Brodführer Mayor of Schleusingen