It is advisable to inquire before registration of marriage in person or by phone at the standesamtregistry office, which filed for registration of marriage are required.
The date for your marriage, you can pre-register on time personally, by phone or in writing.

The marriage must be registered at the registry office in the district where at least one of the betrothed is resident, even if you want to get married in another registry office. should come in person to register for marriage even possible both partners.
In Schleusingen you for your vows 2 scenes to choose from: the market offers 32 guests a stylish ceremonial hall in the historic town hall.
With almost fairytale ambience invites the prince hall with up to 60 seats a the best day of life. In the castle garden with its fountain and the picturesque fountain house, see every season romantic designs for your wedding photos.

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Personal registration by both fiancee.

Information through telephone inquiry
Certificates request the registry office

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