We are the people

Murals – We are the people !

With the renovation of the city hall inside the idea for a new mural created . That it is a subject for history of turning that led to the opening of the German-German border and the reunification of Germany , presented itself , since you committed the tenth anniversary of the opening of the border 1999th

The design shows people who stand with candles in front of the town hall . The mayor wants to know the mural likely considered a historical document than as a work of art.








The artist of the image that was created in spray technology , is a former employee of the painter John operation . This was not active for the first time in the town hall . The new image – worth a four-figure sum – CEO Michael John has sponsored . It is reminiscent of the days in the fall of 1989 , as well as in Schleusingen Monday demonstrations took place and people with candles attracted feedforward Hall : ” We are the people ” Michael John wanted to make a contribution to the city that gave its companies at the City Hall renovation work ,

The design for the mural was created from a photo of Silke Grüber . The text to the mayor wrote .